Cambodia Hotelstels

Cambodia offers a fascinating intrigue and it is an important place where you will find a wide diversity of cultures and people. It is a cross roads for culture and people out there are extremely friendly and amiable. The travelers can have a touch of adventure in Cambodia.

Room amenities: The hotels in Cambodia offer a wide range of amenities for making the stay of the tourists a comfortable one. The hotels offer comfortable rooms amenities. King sized beds are available in the large rooms and you can also find air conditioners there. The air conditioners would be beneficial during the hot and the cold seasons as well. You can also find hair dryers in the toilet. The hair dryers are essential for drying your hairs. There are attached bath and balcony. From the balcony you can have a nice view of the outside landscape.

Restaurant: There are in house restaurants in most hotels. They offer interesting dishes. The dishes are selected from the Continental and Mediterranean menus. They are lip smacking and for the gourmets they are the real delights. You can have a taste of any of these dishes and the service of the chefs is simply unmatched. They have innovative ideas and can prepare delicious culinary delights for entertaining the guests.

Other facilities: Most hotels in Cambodia have swimming pools. They also have parks for the children and elderly people. Most hotels have the facility for travel booking and you can book for your flights and also your hotel rooms in the nest place that you are visiting from Cambodia. This is one of the most important facilities for the tourists. A doctor on call will be available during an emergency. You can also find maid service and in more starred restaurants you can find sauna facility as well as Jacuzzi.

The hotels in Cambodia include the following:
• Cambodia 5 star hotels: It includes the Phnom Penh Hotel Group and Siem Reap Hotel Group. The Sihanoukville Group also belongs to this category. They provide brilliant services which include both the business and the general tourist facilities.
• Cambodia 4 star Hotels: The Phnom Penh Hotel Group and Siem Reap Hotel Group also have their 4 star hotels across Cambodia. They are also provided with best of modern facilities.
• Cambodia 3 star hotels: These hotels are meant for those travelers who want comfort within their budget.
• Cambodia Economy Hotels are meant for the cheap travelers.
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